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First look at app development in AngularJS 2

A couple of weeks ago David East (@_davideast) gave a talk about app development with AngularJS 2.

The presentation was followed by a really interesting QAs session, with the participation of Miško Hevery, and Igor Minar.

This is what seemed most interesting to me:

  • AngularJS 2 is built on top of web standards; so no more AngularJS module, but ECMAScript 2015 module, web components and so on…

  • There won’t be anymore the configuration phase

  • New routing system, with the possibility to lazyload dependencies (probably since AngularJS 1.4)

  • Directives will undergo a real boost:

    • possibility to bind to native DOM element’s properties; for example ng-show, ng-hide are replaced by binding directly to html element’s hidden property.

    • web components (with fallback)

    • shadow DOM will replace transclusion