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Hi there 👋

Apparently you and I have something in common - I am also one of those weird, curious people at whom usually happen to visit /about page all over the web.

I am Bruno Scopelliti.

I currently live in Bologna, Italy. These pages are my very own home on the Internet… Welcome!

I am blessed to have a wonderful wife, and two kids, Chiara and Matteo.
I still don’t feel particularly comfortable in writing about my family over the Internet; however they’re everything for me.

Apparently I’ve all the lucks!

I’ve managed to do as job what I dreamed while growing up, or at least my second choice - actually I still think of me as a missed soccer player 😅

I am passionate about my work, and love to learn new stuff! Ops, sorry… I’ve not said it yet explicitly: I am a software engineer, mostly focused on frontend stack.

I started this blog in 2013, and its reasons of existence basically have never changed since then. It allows me to share what I learn doing my job, and connect with people.

Outside of working hours you could still find me hacking around (mostly in the morning when everybody sleep), but I also like experimenting new games with Chiara, reading One Piece, running.

Social networks: Twitter, GitHub.