Hi there,
apparently you and I have something in common: I am also one of those strange, curious people at whom usually happen to visit /about page over the web.

I am Bruno Scopelliti.
I currently live in Bologna, Italy, and these pages are my very own home on the Internet... Welcome!

I am blessed to have a wonderful wife, and a wonderful daughter, Chiara.
I still don't feel particularly comfortable in writing about my family over the Internet; however they're everything for me.

Apparently I've all the lucks!
I've managed to do as work what I dreamed when I was a teenager (or at least my second choice)... actually I still think of me as a great soccer player :smile:
I'm really passionate about my work, and love to learn new stuff!
Ops, sorry... I've not said it yet explicitly: I'm a web developer, mostly specialized in front end stack.

I started this blog three years ago now (it previously was on the blog subdomain), and its reasons of existence basically have never changed.
It allows me to share what I learn doing my job, and hopefully thinking/writing in English helps me get better with the language.

Outside of the working hours you could still find me hacking around (mostly in the morning when everybody sleeps).
Currently my other interests include: experimenting new game with Chiara, running, and reading.

Social networks: Github, Twitter.