How I ported my blog to HTTPS

In the last couple of years several elements are pushing for a widespread adoption of the HTTPS protocol. In this post I share my experience migrating my blog hosting from GoDaddy to DigitalOcean, and how I managed to enable SSL for 0€/year using the letsencrypt client. »

The art of controlling complexity

Eloquent Javascript, by Marijn Haverbeke, opens up with an interesting introductory chapter, in which the author also shares his definition of programming, that for sure will resonate into everyone who have dealt with the same codebase, long enough to see it grow, and progressively become always more hard to reason about. »

My personal bug fixing workflow

In this post I'm going to share my personal approach to bug fixing. Reading the article, you probably recognize yourself in some, or even many, of these practices; there's nothing of extraordinarily complex in each of them; these are just little tips, which may even seem insignificant individually, but which, I found, together have a huge impact on the outcome of my work. Enjoy the reading, and if you have further advices, please share with a comment. »