About events

JavaScript is what makes web pages dynamic, and interactive. Event handling is vital in most websites, and applications, but it's still one of the most misunderstood, or ignored topics by most people who are just starting working as front-end developer. In this post I've written about how events propagation works accordingly to W3C model. »

Exception handling in async functions

Async functions is one of the most welcomed new features of JavaScript in recent years. Async functions drastically improve developer/user's experience when dealing with asynchronous tasks... One aspect in which they really shine is error handling, but there's a caveat you'd be better be aware of. »

A C# Automapper trick

Before continue reading, please, note that the post, depending on your knowledge, might not contain a trick at all. This is just me trying to memorize something I've searched lots of time on Google. In case you use C# Automapper it could be useful to you too! »