Exception handling in async functions

Async functions is one of the most welcomed new features of JavaScript in recent years. Async functions drastically improve developer/user's experience when dealing with asynchronous tasks... One aspect in which they really shine is error handling, but there's a caveat you'd be better be aware of. »

A C# Automapper trick

Before continue reading, please, note that the post, depending on your knowledge, might not contain a trick at all. This is just me trying to memorize something I've searched lots of time on Google. In case you use C# Automapper it could be useful to you too! »

New `util.promisify` in Node.js

This won't probably be a ground breaking news, but it's surely relevant if you work on Node.js. These days Node.js community is debating on how to integrate Promises into native methods... It seems the error-first callback style won't disappear anytime soon, but for the Promise aficionados a new utility is going to join the party; let's meet util.promisify. »

DRY and strawberries

Code reuse is important, but if you're not careful it can make more damage than good to your application. In this post I explore one of a such cases, and provide an alternative, still DRY-compliant, solution. The strawberries? Just read the post. »