Work less, do more

Git Workflow PRO Tip

That's something really simple, and yet extremely effective, especially if you're the kind of developer, who is often switching context ... YES, I know switching context is not so much productive, but sometimes we have to; so let's better limit the issues! »

History of a support ticket for Apple

A recent support I've had to open to Apple has given me the opportunity to reflect on my work; I was doing some terrible mistakes. In this post I share the history of the support, my mistakes, and the countermoves which I took to be sure I won't repeat my mistakes. »

My personal bug fixing workflow

In this post I'm going to share my personal approach to bug fixing. Reading the article, you probably recognize yourself in some, or even many, of these practices; there's nothing of extraordinarily complex in each of them; these are just little tips, which may even seem insignificant individually, but which, I found, together have a huge impact on the outcome of my work. Enjoy the reading, and if you have further advices, please share with a comment. »