We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us

Squash commits with git rebase

Until recently I watched at those people able to squash commits on git as magicians. It turns out, I've probably overestimated them a bit, and now that I've finally learned the trick, I want to celebrate, and share the process with this post. »

Webpack 101

webpack is a module bundler; it takes modules with dependencies and generates static assets representing those modules. It seems pretty straightforward, but it could become easily a mess. In webpack 101 we're going to discover the whys, and hows of the most useful webpack2 setup operations. »

How to disable ESLint rule via JavaScript comment

Since I've switched to ESLint, every time I need to disable a rule locally, I've to google for the correct syntax... I hope writing this post will help me fix my memory issue, or at least it will serve as future reference for myself. »