What? JavaScript on the server!?!?

Let's write a Promise polyfill

Everybody in this industry know the ancient wisdom for which it's better avoid reinventing the wheel. Anyway, that's often necessary to really understand how things work. I did this in the past, when I've written my event delegation library, and I'm doing this again, with my implementation of Promise. In this post, we're going to rewrite the code step by step. »

Exception handling in async functions

Async functions is one of the most welcomed new features of JavaScript in recent years. Async functions drastically improve developer/user's experience when dealing with asynchronous tasks... One aspect in which they really shine is error handling, but there's a caveat you'd be better be aware of. »

New `util.promisify` in Node.js

This won't probably be a ground breaking news, but it's surely relevant if you work on Node.js. These days Node.js community is debating on how to integrate Promises into native methods... It seems the error-first callback style won't disappear anytime soon, but for the Promise aficionados a new utility is going to join the party; let's meet util.promisify. »