The most misunderstood language in the world

Custom Assertions are my favourite QUnit feature

This post is meant to share my favourite QUnit feature, custom assertions. I think custom assertions are great, because in a concise manner, they make extremely clear what a test is for. You should definetely give them a try. »

Webpack 101

webpack is a module bundler; it takes modules with dependencies and generates static assets representing those modules. It seems pretty straightforward, but it could become easily a mess. In webpack 101 we're going to discover the whys, and hows of the most useful webpack2 setup operations. »

Data Structure 101

James Kyle (@thejameskyle) has recently pushed on Github an article about how different data structures could be written in plain JavaScript. Reading through the guided code will help you learn about what data structures are, what their uses are, and how to discuss them. »

The Chiara's first thousand days task

Starting from an unusual, funny request I received from my wife some mornings ago, we'll follow the usual path of a feature request, from the initial technical analysis to the final implementation, exploring concepts related to functional programming (such as pure functions, partial application) and Test Driven Development. »