Git alias: git unstage

One of the hidden gems of git is the possibility for the developer to define his/her own alias for common (this is really up to you) commands. I do not use too much this feature, but have to admit that, it sometimes helps a lot into making some commands much more clear, and easy to remember... a such case is git unstage. »

Asynchronous Font Loading

Recently I've changed how I manage to load custom fonts on my personal blog.
I'm now using typekit/webfontloader to load fonts asyncronously, and probably you should too! In this post I share my final configuration, and the performance improvements I recorded. »

ECMAScript2017 and beyond

The standardization process for ECMAScript2017 is pretty near to an end. Dr. Axel Rauschmayer goes through the new features introduced by ECMAScript2017, and what is in progress for future versions of the language. »

Dear 2017

Yep, I know I may be a little late with this kind of post, but I absolutely need to share my personal objectives for this year... We're not yet in 2018, afterall! »