Dear 2017

AD, please don't block.

OK, ok… I am definitely late with this post, but the fact is that, I recently noticed I am on right track to going to fail one (and possibly more) of my personal objectives for 2017.

I never shared them publicly. Today I’ve thought that sharing my objectives could be an incentive for me. So, here’s the list!


My first blog post is dated 15 February, 2013. All my older posts are hosted on the .blog subdomain.

I consider the fact that I’ve started a blog early in my career the single most important factor, that has helped me become a better developer.

I encourage you to do the same. I encourage me to continue this effort.

This year, I want to write at least 24 posts. That’s about two/month. I don’t miss ideas. I keep repeating myself, I’m behind the schedule for the few time I have… but that’s not completely true.

Well, we’ll see in December, whether I managed to reverse the course.

Take a BotPoker workshop

BotPoker is the side project of mine, of which I am most proud of.

Bot Poker aims to emulate the frenetique rhythm of modern software development. It is a Texas Hold’em Poker engine in which you write a program that plays poker against programs written by your opponents.

I think it helps software developers (but everyone is involved in the process of software creation) to spot common pitfalls in their work routine in a safe environment. It helped me.

Until now, I organized a few tournaments at work, and one for BolognaJS, the JavaScript user group of my city. Workshops went pretty smoothly, and people were generally enthusiasts of the experience.

One of my objective for this year it’s to take the experience to a broader audience.

Better Software seems perfect for the kind of workshop that I would propose.

Run at least 300.000m

This year I turned 30ys old. I like running, and I want to run at least 300.000m this year. That’s roughly the distance light covers in one second. I should be able to run that distance in a whole year.

In case you’re wondering how I manage to track distance, I use map my run… and my progress are online at Bruno’s running.

World Wide Web + 1

I’ve a few ideas for simple, but still useful niche websites.

In these years I’ve started, and abandoned lots of interesting side projects. I’ve the common (?) problem of starting planning in big, and then losing enthusiasm on the road. Looking at the glass as half-full, I’ve to say that I’ve always learned something from each of the project I’ve abandoned, but I still don’t want this to happen again.

I want to launch at least one of this website, and take it to the point that it pays for itself before the end of the year. It won’t be perfect, but it’ll be online!

Final words

What I like the most about these objectives is that for each of them, in December, it will be pretty straightforward determine whether I’ve succeeded, or not.